Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


All About the Colorado Springs Judo Center

The Colorado Springs Judo Center is fast becoming the largest grappling center in the area. Specializing in elite level judo, but also mixing it up with all other grappling martial arts. We offer competively priced training for all ages and skill levels. Please come in and try one of our classes at any time, no appointment is necessary. We have a 3800 square ft facility with over 1500 of that matted with high impact tatamis. We also host grappling tournaments once a month at no additional costs for members

High level, World Class instructors:

Head Coach/Competition Judo - Chris Metzgar - SanDan (3rd degree Black Belt) USAJudo - #1 Nationally ranked at 66kg masters, NAGA Jiu Jitsu World Champion.

Judo Coach - Andy Stutts - ShoDan (1st degree Black Belt) USAJudo

Judo Coach - Matt Simmons - YoDan (4th degree Black Belt) USAJudo - Vice President, Colorado Judo League

Sambo/Wrestling Coach - Anthony Pastorello - SanKyu (Brown Belt) USAJudo - National Sambo Championships Silver Medalist - Member, American Sambo Assoc.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach - Jeff Mauss - BJJ Black Belt under Rigan Machado


Mon - Kid's Judo 5pm-6pm
 Competition Judo 6pm-730pm

Tues - Family Judo 6pm-730pm

Wed - Kid's Judo 5pm-6pm
 Competition Judo 6pm-730pm

Thur - Family Judo 6pm-730pm

Fri - Kid's Grappling 5pm-6pm Sambo/Wrestling 6pm-730pm